mga bossing sana po welcome po ako dito...

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Junex, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Junex

    Junex New Member

    mga boss sana po welcome po ako dito, computer tech po ako gusto ko lang madagdagan ang aking kaalaman, kaya po ako pumasok dito...
  2. dhongzp

    dhongzp new be

    welcome po sir
  3. *CHARDSKI_26*

    *CHARDSKI_26* <b><marquee behavior="alternate"><blink><font colo

    welcome here sir.....
  4. Boss_mike18

    Boss_mike18 -= Dito ako Nagsimula=-

    welcome stay active here...........
  5. rosenkranja

    rosenkranja New Member

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  6. =caballero=

    =caballero= <b><i><font color="white">BUNDOK TEAM

    welcome na welcome po kayo dito idol..
  7. resty

    resty Cellphone Technician

  8. kamprag

    kamprag Cellphone Technician

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