Iphone 5S try again in 23 984 338 minutes how to turn into enter password

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    Iphone 5S try again in 23 984 338 minutes how to turn into enter password mode screen


    Iphone 5S displaying try again in 23 984 338 minutes



    IPBOX with Adapter, IP5 USB , IP4 version 7.1.2 with personal passcode (Any kung ano ang gusto mong pass code)

    How to check if Iphone 5S is I0S 8.xx:


    Set Iphone 5S to recovery Mode, How:

    turn off, press home then insert usb until recovery image appear on screen

    If I0S 8.xx proceed to procedure


    1. connect all the connection of IPBOX and the adaptor in Iphone 5S with displaying try again in 23 984 338 minutes except IPBOX sensor

    2. Set sensor to Iphone 4 version 7.1.2 screen ( syempre lagyan ng konting double sided tape para di gumalaw)

    3. While IPBOX displaying GOOD in display panel click the IPBOX button and wait for IPBOX generation to find code...

    4. Upon code generation your IPBOX will beep for error and blinking display depende kung saan siya hihinto

    5 . remove usb cable in yor Iphone 5S displaying try again in 23 984 338 minutes and connect again

    6. After a few seconds Iphone will reboot to blue screen and rebooted again to apple logo and wait for normal screen ( this is the sign that the tricks apply to the Iphone 5S ) or else just do the procedure again to take effect



    7. Now Iphone 5S will display minimal minutes to wait, in my case are 18 minutes to wait after the procedure




    8. Wait until Enter passcode will display in Iphone 5S




    Kung alam mo ang passcode, pwede mo na i input yung pass code or read the code with iphone tools device that support I0S8.xx version

    Note: This procedure is not perfect pero kung gusto mo itry, try at your own for your knowledge purpose only and risk. :)
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  2. ganda ng new box mo sir teks ahh? magkano po yan sir!
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    ganda nang post mo sir at ang ipbox mo maganda din. magkano bili mo nyan sir teks?
  4. cab's

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    gagana pala sa ios8 bakit sa my ipbox dito hindi nila tatangapin kung naka ios8 na ang phone kasi hindi daw supported.. baka hindi nila na update or old box na yata sa kanila.
  5. t@tek's

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    baka wala pong i0S 8 adaptor

    anyway this is just a trick for reducing try again in 23 984 338 minutes issue sir :)
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    gandang box sir,.

    pwede po magtanong sir ts.magkano po kaya puhunan sa ganyang box kung sakali.?
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    kaya po ba lahat ng ios sir?

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